Core Values

The School institutionalizes four (4) core values as a way of life of the institution.

A. Humility

To act and lead in a manner that reflects or expresses a spirit of inclusion, respect for others and respecting one’s own interest. For the common good, a GCCian promotes the success of others, accepts responsibility for mistakes and failures and tries to learn from them.

B. Accountability

At the core of GCC accountability is reliability and personal responsibility. We value the ability of our faculty, staff and organization to work diligently and honor our commitments. GCC also take responsibility for our own action and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

C. Integrity

GCC decision and actions display a consistent commitment to moral and ethical values. GCC wants to build a sense of trust with the community therefore we choose to be honest and forthright in all interactions to ensure that our actions are consistent with words.

D. Loyalty

To be dedicated in building and maintaining loyal relationships with our students, parents, alumni, especially to the community. We speak positively and give our faculty and staff the benefits of the doubt and defend them to others.