About Us

Gingoog City Colleges, Inc., a private, non-sectarian Educational Institution, was first conceived in 1966 by a group of teachers of a leading private school in Gingoog City, who were then concerned over the insecurity of tenure for private school teachers.

In February 1968, the school under its original name Teachers’ Academy, Inc., was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Manila, and under Registration No. 34330 with its Article of Incorporation signed by fifteen incorporators.

The school formally opened by school year 1967-68 with an initial enrollment of 300 students at the upper floor of the Co-Untian’s building at Corner Rizal-Lugod Streets, Gingoog City.

By school year 1969-70, the DECS required that the school has its own building. The incorporators then were able to persuade the late Councilor Hector Soriano to part away a portion of his land at now Paz Village Subdivision for the school’s site. The value of the approximately 1 hectare lot of the Soriano’s was converted into shares of stocks thus making the Sorianos the major stockholders of the institution.

The late Mrs. Paz Soriano was then elected President and Treasurer of the Corporation, thus shifting the administration to the Soriano’s. Later, officers of the corporation changed the name from Teachers’ Academy to Gingoog City Jr. College.

In December 1980, a flood buried GCJC and its surrounding areas in waist-deep mud. Thick and sticky mud soaked and buried school files, desks, typewriters, typewriting tables, books and other schools’ equipment. The entire campus looked like a sea of mud with a sunken building in sight. To Mrs. Soriano, the predicament left her only an open option to get rid of the whole place altogether.

Therefore, she decided to offer the school to several prospective buyers. Mrs. Soriano accepted the offer made by Madame Laureana Rosales. Her choice was influenced more by the fact that Madame Rosales was herself an established educator and being so, could pursue the mission of the school.

Madame Rosales who then assumed the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors then promptly attended to the restoration of the school. Since then, the school underwent numerous changes in both curricular offerings as well as structural improvements. A three-storey building was then started along with the increased library holdings, computer units, laboratories and the likes.

Observations from some alumni, parents, teachers and students that name Gingoog City Jr. College gives the impression of being a beginner and of being unstable perhaps because of the word “Junior”. This prompted the administration to work for another change of name from Gingoog City Jr. College to Gingoog City Colleges, Inc., Inc.

With the Certificate of Amended Articles of Incorporation issued by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dated September 30, 2011, the change of school’s name took effect on January 2012. Unveiling ceremony was held on January 5, 2012 at the Multi-Purpose Hall attended by parents, teachers, alumni and students.

This was one of the highlights of the Sapphire Jubilee Celebration of the school. Various agencies both government and non-government were duly notified and informed of the school’s new name.